Our kindergarten’s offer

  • great atmosphere
  • interesting activities
  • effective and natural acquisition of English
  • a diverse educational programme that develops interests from an early age

Children take advantage of the core curriculum in one of the three subgroups:

  • 2.5 to 3.5-year-olds
  • 4 to 5-year-olds
  • 6-year-olds (preschool class)

In our kindergarten, classes are conducted using the project method. Every day, you will be able to see your children developing, becoming smarter and learning about themselves and their surroundings.


Small bilingual group

In our kindergarten we have a small, intimate, family-like group.  We implement classes and the way of communicating based on the age of the children. From the first days on, children hear bothEnglish and Polish. English is an equally important language used by teachers and children who, as a result,naturally and very quickly acquire basic communication skills in this language. This is how children learn in other bilingual kindergartens – they are exposed to the language throughout the entire day. Thanks to that, your child will be able to communicate in English when starting their education at school, and the level of language understanding will be very high compared to their peers.

Our kindergarten guarantees:

-Bilingualism – daily contact with English and its natural acquisition thanks to a teacher who speaks to children only in English

- Participation in special events and meetings held in the kindergarten (e.g. balls, meetings with interesting people, participating in theatrical performances, etc.). We encourage you to check out our FB fanpage where we publish information about important events happening in the kindergarten

- Development and strengthening such features as: scientific curiosity, independent thinking, self-confidence, courage, independence of opinion, artistic sensibility, sense of responsibility for oneself and others, social activity, empathy, ability to perform various social roles

- Care of a psychologist and speech therapist

- Arts & Crafts classes stimulating creative imagination, creativity and developing manual skills

- Social development of the child thanks to activities carried out in mixed-age groups

- A lot of fun and joy in the company of friends from the group under the supervision of a cordial and qualified teaching staff

-Supporting the child in exploration of the world and in finding their place in it thanks to educational trips (to museums, cinemas, theatres, parks, zoos, etc.) organised in accordance with the currently implemented project.

- Implementation of the core curriculum set by the Ministry of National Education

- STEM classes (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics), which help the child develop interest in science and stimulate the curiosity of the world

- general development dance classes for all children



Additional activities:

Fees for additional classes, such as Przedszkoliada, Matema, Judo and others are set depending on the choice of activities and the number of participants.

Additional fees:

– textbooks

– art supplies (twice a year)

– trips outside of the kindergarten: to the cinema, theatre, museum, zoo, etc.

– workshops, theatrical performances

Activities for children

In our kindergarten we offer all children dance classes, speech therapy classes, tongue gymnastics and workshops with a psychologist, which are financed by the kindergarten for all children.

Speech therapy classes

Preschool children develop and shape their speech in a variety of ways. In some, the process will go faster, in others, it will go slower, at the same time bringing along errors in the pronunciation of some sounds. That is why in our kindergarten we provide speech therapy classes that meet the language needs of children. The main objectives of the classes are to improve the work of articulators, to correct speech defects and disorders, to stimulate the process of acquiring new language competences and to broaden the children’s vocabulary.

The proper development of the child’s speech is fundamental for shaping personality. Through speech, the child explores the world around them, can name it, and can also describe their emotions and feelings. That is why it’s so important to support speech development already at the stage of preschool education.

Workshops with a psychologist

Preschool children start their adventure in many areas of life. Playing, cognitive curiosity, observing the surrounding world, making first friends are one of the most important elements of the child’s development, and psychological workshops are aimed at expanding the competencies of each preschooler.

The main objectives of the psychological workshops are:

  • learning about basic emotions and how to deal with them
  • group integration and establishing correct peer relations
  • shaping cognitive skills
  • learning perceptiveness and visual analysis
  • exercising concentration
  • improving communication skills
  • improving gross and fine motor skills
  • developing playing skills and learning how to lose/win
  • developing emotional intelligence

Classes are carried out in accordance with the current needs in the kindergarten. A characteristic feature of the classes is their flexibility, learning about basic mechanisms through play, picture stories, conversation, board games, art work, flashcards…

Dance classes

During dance classes, children will learn various dance forms. They will learn ballroom dances (samba, cha-cha, paso doble, English and Viennese waltzes) as well as modern dances to music such as: Sofia, Savage love, Shakira.


1. Children release their energy in a useful way.
2. Dancing improves movement coordination.
3. Dance classes are a way of spending time actively.
4. Children learn how to cooperate in a mixed-age group.
5. Children develop dutifulness.
6. They overcome their own physical limitations.
7. They take joy and pride not only in their own achievements, but also the entire dance team.

8. Dance stimulates memory training – memorising dance routines increases concentration and the ability to navigate in various situations.
9. Children practice perceptiveness.

In addition to the values mentioned above, directly related to the child’s participation in dance classes, educational and psychological aspects are also important. Dancing is an excellent therapy for shy children. Working in a team opens up children who become bolder. The endorphins released during the physical activity provide the child with the joy of performing a fun activity which dancing is considered to be.

If you have any questions or would like to enroll your child at any time of the year (if there are vacancies) call or write to us.
We are waiting for you and your precious child.

If you have any questions or would like to enroll your child at any time of the year (if there are vacancies) call or write to us.
We are waiting for you and your precious child.

Ideal conditions for developing creativity

Bilingual children have a more complex structure of intelligence, leading to increased creativity and flexibility in the way of thinking.

Daily contact with natural English

Our kindergarten provides contact with natural English in everyday situations and the assimilation of whole phrases. We don’t simply teach colours or animals, but phrases like: ‘Open the door please’ and ‘Let's go outside’.

Great, caring and smart staff

We make sure that our staff members have the best, specialist education. They include philologists, psychologists and speech therapists with a huge heart for children.

Excellent and healthy nutrition

We know how important a healthy diet is, which is why our kindergarten is supplied by a reliable and reputable catering company. We personally test meals for children.

Contact us

ul. Spacerowa 35, 32-087 Zielonki
+48 660 599 633
Monday - Friday: 7:00 AM-5:30 PM  

Contact us

ul. Spacerowa 35, 32-087 Zielonki
+48 660 599 633
Monday - Friday: 7:00 AM-5:30 PM

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