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Dear Parent!

Did you know that being bilingual is much more than simply knowing a second language? It actually gives the child greater intellectual potential. Research by E. Peal and W. E. Lambert from 1962 directly showed that bilingual children achieve better results in verbal and non-verbal tests.

This means that the structure of the intelligence of bilingual children is more complex. Those children display greater creativity and flexibility in their way of thinking. Recent research confirms that bilingualism provides children with imaginative, creative and analytical thinking, and has a significant impact on their emotional intelligence!

It’s amazing how many benefits of bilingualism there are. This is why our mission is to immerse children in English from a very young age.

We want to open the door to a better future for them, to the future in which they will travel, communicate effectively and find their dream studies and then a job in a stress-free way!

Our Happy Kids Academy bilingual kindergarten introduces your child to the world of bilingualism by implementing

the Bilingual Future Programme

Bilingual Future

‘Our mission is to have universal, daily English teaching from birth, in parallel to the mother tongue – both at home, as at a creche or kindergarten. Bilingualism is our goal, which we consider both individually – as an investment here and now in the development of each child, as well as socially – as a new quality foundation for the Polish economy and social policy. In other words, with widespread bilingualism comes a real change in standards that will benefit all of us in the future..

We invite all those who understand the need to make a breakthrough in this area to participate in the programme: from authorities at various levels to school management boards and parent councils in both non-public and public creches and kindergartens.We think that home and creche, kindergarten or school, must form a team to lead the children directly to success together!’

What are the benefits?

In addition to language skills, bilingualism has numerous benefits for the child’s intellect, psyche and health. The brain receives a healthy dose of training, as well as knowledge and skills, which at this stage of development perpetuate extremely quickly and effectively.

Among other things, bilingualism improves concentration, affects better divisibility of attention and memory (semantic and episodic), deepens cultural and social sensitivity, develops analytical skills and empathy. Bilingual children, and later adults, achieve better results in learning and find it easier to adapt socially and culturally. They tend to have a higher social and financial status and – most importantly – better health. It is worth noting that bilingualism delays the effects of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases by 5-6 years.

What kind of method is used?

We start learning our mother tongue already in the prenatal period; when we hear sounds coming from the environment, first we get used to them, then we absorb them and finally we can start to use these resources gradually and actively. Scientific research has shown that a child can simultaneously learn and assimilate two or even three languages, with all the additional benefits outlined above.

The Bilingual Future Programme that we implement in our kindergarten uses the pioneering and ground-breaking method of acquiring English in early childhood, that is at the same time the most natural way of all, in parallel with the mother tongue. It introduces a specially created world of heroes, songs, animated films and based on them music and movement language games, dedicated both for individuals and groups.

Everything has been methodically planned for children from their birth to the age of six. Two specifically prepared educational series: ‘Baby Beetles’ (age 0-4) and ‘Tom and Keri’ (age 3-6) in the form of the Spiral Language System introduce words and expressions that are recognised and understood in a context, while adapting every aspect to the abilities and interests typical for a child at a given age. As a result, English never becomes a foreign language for the child.
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you cannot predict the future

But your child will be ready for it

If you would like your child to join the Happy Kids Academy team, to naturally acquire English and become bilingual, write to us.

We’ve started enrollment for the new school year. We enroll children throughout the year based on the availability of places, but you can reserve a place for your child up to 2 years in advance to make sure they can join our team.

If you have any questions or would like to enroll your child at any time of the year (if there are vacancies) call or write to us.
We are waiting for you and your precious child.

If you have any questions or would like to enroll your child at any time of the year (if there are vacancies) call or write to us.
We are waiting for you and your precious child.

Ideal conditions for developing creativity

Bilingual children have a more complex structure of intelligence, leading to increased creativity and flexibility in the way of thinking.

Daily contact with natural English

Our kindergarten provides contact with natural English in everyday situations and the assimilation of whole phrases. We don’t simply teach colours or animals, but phrases like: ‘Open the door please’ and ‘Let's go outside’.

Great, caring and smart staff

We make sure that our staff members have the best, specialist education. They include philologists, psychologists and speech therapists with a huge heart for children.

Excellent and healthy nutrition

We know how important a healthy diet is, which is why our kindergarten is supplied by a reliable and reputable catering company. We personally test meals for children.

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ul. Spacerowa 35, 32-087 Zielonki
+48 660 599 633
Monday - Friday: 7:00 AM-5:30 PM  

Contact us

ul. Spacerowa 35, 32-087 Zielonki
+48 660 599 633
Monday - Friday: 7:00 AM-5:30 PM

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